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CYHA Scholarship Program

Charleston Youth Hockey Association Scholarship Fund

The Charleston Youth Hockey Association (CYHA) has an established scholarship fund to help offset the program season fees for families in need of help. This program is funded primarily from proceeds of the CYHA’s annual Golden Puck tournament and our Annual Golf tournament along with private donations. 

Scholarship funds are awarded based on financial need, parent/player involvement and volunteer efforts. 
Scholarship monies are also used association programs to benefit all players. Last year scholarship monies also helped benefit these programs and more:
  • Free Checking Clinic for rising 14U players (a program we hope to continue year after year
  • Quick change goalie gear for use in the 2017 - 2018 season so all players that want to can try playing goalie
  • Go Pro cameras for play review 
  • Supplemental funding for our Mite Jamboree teams

In the upcoming year we have plans to:

  • Host skills clinics
  • Host goalie clinics
  • Provide House coaches with gear for practices consisting of a puck bag w/ pucks as well as cones and water bottles
  • Bring back the Player Development weekends for House players

Just to name a few.

Scholarship Application Submission Deadline


Scholarship Program Changes Effective IMMEDIATELY!


The CYHA membership and Board of Directors has been working diligently in recent years to create and fund a scholarship account for use to help kids in our programs. We have always offered scholarships with a maximum amount of $675, but we are happy to announce, that number is being increased for some of our programs. Your hard work has allowed the scholarship account to grow, and because of that growth, as an Association, we are able to create different scholarships for each of our 3 programs. If you request a scholarship, you will have to COMPLETELY fill out the appropriate application for the program your child participates in. If you don’t fill it out completely, or don’t furnish the documents that are asked for, or don’t get it in on time, we will not be able to look at it for consideration. Please don’t put us in a position of having to reject your application because you didn’t provide what we ask for.

Because of these changes, we have extended the application deadline until August 18, 2017. The Board will meet in the following week to review all applications that have been submitted completely and properly, and applicants will be notified as quickly as possible of the decisions made.

Now the fun part, the maximum amount remains the same for the House Program ($675). The House/Rec Travel Program maximum awarded amount has been increased to $1,000 and the maximum amount awarded for the Full Travel Program has been increased to $1,500. For these two programs, the maximum awarded amount represents 56% of the program fees that could potentially be covered if the full amount is awarded.

As always, the Board reviews the circumstance of every application and could award anything from zero to the maximum amount and anything in between, based on the request and the family’s circumstances.

We are excited to offer this program, and hope that if helps some of our children remain on the ice when they otherwise may not have been able to. We will continue to count on all of you to work hard to keep the scholarship fund capitalized so we can continue to offer free checking clinics, house program skills clinics and underwrite other programs like the upcoming 3 on 3 Tournament and the Hockey Skills Series starting in the fall. It is our goal to continue to add benefits for our members to our programs, and your hard work has allowed us to get started on this path. For that, we thank you!

Please follow the link below to go to the CYHA Scholarship page to find a downloadable link to the Scholarship Application that fits your needs.


Application Deadline

 5:00 pm

August 18, 2017