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CYHA Scholarship Program

   Charleston Youth Hockey Association Scholarship Fund

The Charleston Youth Hockey Association (CYHA) has an established scholarship fund to help offset the program season fees for families in need of assistance. This program is funded primarily from proceeds of the CYHA’s fundraising efforts along with private donations. Scholarship funds are awarded based on financial need, parent/player involvement, volunteer efforts as well as academic performance. Participants that have a demonstrated need for financial assistance who may qualify are welcome to apply for assistance. Please read our scholarship guidelines carefully. To be considered, the application must be completed in its entirety and submitted, along with any requested supporting information, to the Association no later than 5:00 p.m. on August 9th, 2024 for House League. The deadline has passed for all other travel teams.

Late applications will not be considered. If you are applying for a scholarship, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure your application is complete and turned in to the Association before the deadline. No request will be considered without a completed application submitted to the Association. Failure to supply requested information that is verifiable, will result in application being rejected for consideration.

Charleston Youth Hockey Association Scholarship Guidelines

  1. Scholarship awards will be dependent upon the financial status of the account used to fund the CHYA scholarship fund.
  2. Approved scholarships will be awarded in varying amounts dependent on need and other scholarship criteria. The maximum award is up to 50% of the standard program fee for travel and 100% of the program fee for house league.
  3. Scholarships applications will be considered for participants in any CYHA governed program. 
  4. Scholarships will be awarded on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis.
  5. The CYHA Board of Directors will review all applications for scholarships and will notify applicants as quickly as possible once a decision has been made.
  6. In the event a participant who has been awarded scholarship funds leaves their team and/or the CYHA during the season, 100% of the scholarship award must be refunded to the CYHA in order to remain in good standing with the CYHA and USA Hockey.
  7. Scholarships are applied to a participant’s balance. Participants must make all remaining payments as agreed upon in the posted payment schedule or in their payment agreement signed in advance of the season start. Not remaining current and in good standing with the CYHA for remaining balances, could result in revocation and repayment of awarded scholarship, at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Scholarship Application Submission Deadline For House League