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    CYHA Jr. Stingrays Travel Teams Tryout Important Information

    Please adhere to the below guidelines for this weekends tryouts.

    1. Players must check-in at the designated table to receive a colored pinnie. The pinnie will remain with the player until their last session. Pinnie drop off's bags will be located at a designated location when tryouts conclude.

    2. Locker rooms remain closed and designated party rooms will be used for Male players. Female players are designated to use the Citadel locker room. Certified locker room monitors will be present for any assistance that is needed.

    3. Due to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines and rink protocol, only one guardian (no siblings) are allowed per family and must remain within the lobby area. The rink bleachers will be used for players to properly socially distance when necessary during tryouts. If comfortable, it is encouraged to drop off and wait in the parking lot to not overload the lobby area's.

    4. Please only arrive 15 minutes prior to your designated ice time. Understanding goalies and younger players may need additional time, please let a locker room monitor know and they can assist to avoid overlapping with the next age group. Please advise your player(s) they will need to change and depart the Ice Palace within 15 minutes of being off the ice. This will allow the Ice Palace staff to properly clean and sanitize prior to the next groups usage. It is advisable to have players arrive partially dressed if they are unable to accomplish within 15 minutes. Locker room monitors and/or coaches will help tie skates as needed.

    5. As a reminder, no concessions are available (vending machines are open) and individual water bottles are required. Please label them appropriately.

    6. Jersey sizing will be required/available during a designated time during tryouts, details will be provided soon.

    7. Travel program details and upcoming 3x3 tournament flyers will be available for pickup. CYHA election ballet casting will also be available at designated locations.

    8. Finally, on behalf of the CYHA Board of Directors, coaches and volunteers, Welcome to the 2020-2021 Jr. Stingrays Tryouts Weekend. We have been waiting since May to conduct and while we are in un-chartered territory with exactly how each teams season will play out, we strive to make this the bet season yet filled with competitiveness, friendships, development, and most importantly FUN.

    CYHA Elections

    Your Board of Directors is pleased to announce that, after much discussion and planning, the Board has prepared the following plan to proceed forward with our Board of Directors Elections which have been unfortunately delayed since March 2020 due to COVID-19.

    Board of Directors Elections will take place in an in-person, 2-stage event as follows:

    • Event 1 will occur in conjunction with Travel Team Tryouts on Saturday, August 8th from 3 – 8P.
    • Event 2 will occur in conjunction with House End-of-Season Playoffs on Friday, August 14th from 5-7:15P.

    Members may cast their ballot(s) at either event. These dates will be the only forum by which to cast your vote.

    As a reminder, voting eligibility is based upon EACH individual for whom an annual membership fee is paid and, is in good standing.  As an example, if you pay membership fees for 1 child, equals one ballot; 2 children, equals two ballots, etc. Furthermore, “good standing” is defined as having no outstanding balances due the Association.  In addition, our bylaws also grant each Active Coach one voting ballot. Members who have a child/children aging out of the Association this upcoming season or, who may be changing Associations this upcoming season are reminded that this is an election under the 2019-20 Season and therefore, you are eligible to cast a vote.

    During each Event, a dedicated table will be setup for members to obtain and sign for receipt of the ballot(s).  A secured Ballot Box, at a separate table, will be available to return your completed ballot which, will be secured inside a sealed envelope provided with your ballot(s). Ballot envelopes will be organized and issued using YOUR PLAYER’S name for single ballots or, by FAMILY last name for multiple ballots. Separate ballot envelopes will be prepared for Coaches. Coaches MUST sign for their own ballot envelopes. Coach ballot envelopes will not be issued to a Coach’s spouse, child nor to another Coach on their behalf. To ensure the integrity of our election process, both Chad Boerst and Robert Engler, who are our CAHA Representatives, have agreed to monitor the voting process.  Once voting closes at 8P on Saturday, August 8th, the Ballot Box will be held by either Chad or Robert then, returned for Event 2 Voting on Friday, August 14th at 5P. Voting will end at 7:15P on Friday, August 14th.  No ballots will be accepted thereafter.  At the conclusion of voting, Chad or Robert will again, maintain possession of the Ballot Box.  These two representatives will then count the ballots and report the voting results back to the BOD as a whole.  The BOD will communicate the election results to the Membership as soon as possible thereafter.

    The following BOD Director Positions are up for Election:  President, Secretary, Registrar and Travel Commissioner. The Secretary Position is currently incumbered by Teena Wyatt, and is unopposed.  Attached for your viewing pleasure, you will find the Bios for all Candidates currently running for the aforementioned Board Positions.

    President: Terri Mills, Incumbent President; Terri Matson, President Candidate

    Registrar:  Angela Brady, Incumbent Registrar;  Erica Kerr (Gorby), Registrar Candidate

    Travel Comish:  Greg Byrne, Incumbent House Commissioner, Travel Candidate

    JC Gaskins, Travel Commissioner Candidate


    If there should be any questions regarding the process, please do not hesitate to reach out to any Board Member. We look forward to seeing everyone during the Voting Events.

    CYHA Board of Directors


    The Registration "Home" is not currently available.



    Friday, August 7th

    10U 5:30-6:50 pm

    12U 7:15-8:35 pm

    Saturday, August 8th

    10U 3:00-4:00 pm

    12U 4:40-5:30 pm

    14U 6:00-7:20 pm

    16U/18U 7:45-9:05 pm

    Sunday, August 9th

    14U 9:00-10:00 am

    16U/18U 10:30-11:30 am


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